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state to allow its residents to identify as “nonbinary,” neither male nor female. But when it comes to footwear, the gender lines continue to blur as the sexes are fast becoming fashion equals. This summer, both men and women can jump on the same shoe trends, even stepping into styles that look exactly alike. Designer names including Tod’s and Christian Louboutin to iconic labels such as Birkenstock , Dr. Martens and Sebago , are offering carbon-copy looks sized specifically for men and women. In His Words: Christian Louboutin on the Competition, Parisian Women and Why Businesses Fail Birkenstock’s Arizona Suede Leather Soft footbed Light Blue (left) and Arizona Soft Footbed Metallic Copper Leather. Courtesy of Birkenstock. These unisex designs cover lots of fashion territory. On the casual end, Sebago does its classic boat shoe, updating it in a water-friendly version that’s lightweight, while Tod’s does its signature Gommino driving shoe in his-and-hers versions that are casual yet chic. Sneaker brands have long offered his-and-hers styles.

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